Tiny little cuts and scrapes on your skin can turn into big problems if you're prone to irritation. But there's a way to help protect your skin from these minor annoyances. You can get sensitive skin band-aids made for sensitive skin, usually in the form of hypoallergenic adhesive sensitive skin band-aids or fabric band-aids.

Who Are Sensitive Skin Band-Aids For?

Not all skin is the same. Some people have what is called sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin might be more easily irritated than other types of skin. Anyone can have sensitive skin, and it might change over time.

A person with sensitive skin might feel itching, dryness, burning, stinging or tightness on their skin. They may also experience rashes or bumps.

Some people's sensitive skin is caused by an underlying health condition or problem, such as eczema or psoriasis. For others, it might be caused by certain triggers, such as allergies to chemicals in products they use on their face or body.

How Do Sensitive Skin Band-Aids Work? 

There are many reasons why people prefer sensitive skin band-aids. They may have allergies to latex, glue, or adhesive. Often the adhesive isn't the problem, but it is irritating when it sticks to dry, cracked skin.

Sensitive skin band-aids are made with materials that help minimise irritation. The adhesive is designed to be less irritating than traditional band-aids, and they also come in plastic and cloth forms that don't use any adhesive at all. Because sensitive skin band-aids can be made with these alternative natural materials, they lessen irritation to the skin.

How Do You Choose The Right Type Of Sensitive Skin Band-Aids?

The right adhesive

Sensitive skin band-aids use a gentle hypoallergenic adhesive that should not irritate your skin. The adhesive will be strong enough to keep your band-aids in place but should not pull on your skin when you remove them. In addition, some sensitive skin band-aids have a "non-stick" pad that won't pull at your wound when removing the dressing.

The right fabric

Sensitive skin band-aids are designed with soft, flexible fabric that feels comfortable against the skin while still providing adequate protection against dirt and germs.

The right size and shape

Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes including knuckle, fingertip, butterfly, large wound, and more so you'll always have the exact size you need for each cut or scrape.

The right absorbency level

Sensitive skin band-aids come in different levels of absorbency, labelled on the packaging and sometimes colour-coded.

If you have difficulty with traditional band-aids, sensitive skin band-aids are available in many different absorbency levels and styles to fit your needs. Whether you have sensitive skin that is prone to rashes or you just like the feeling of comfort and softness that you get from sensitive skin band-aids, there is a type out there for you.